Argentina Fixer is a team of media professionals who offer production support (fixing) services to international film crews and journalists on assignment in Argentina.

Our fixers can solve all production issues you encounter during a film or journalistic assignment.

We have contact with Argentine filming companies to source for seasoned talent, adequate locations & logistics.  In addition, we act as a one-stop-shop for journalists doing coverage in the country.


Our Argentinan production fixers have years of experience working with international companies, filmmakers and journalists. We can provide references of our past work upon request.

FIxer Argentina Buenos Aires

Argentina Fixer is your best bet to deliver in the following areas:

General production assistance (fixers): we offer unparalleled production services for foreign journalists & TV/commercial crews filming in Argentina.

Crew sourcing: we help hire professional producers, photographers & film talent in Argentina at affordable rates.

Location scouting and management: Argentina Fixer provides location research and applies for film permits in Argentina.


We are a member of ProductionCenter.TV, a worldwide network of trusted professionals in film making and journalism. ProductionCenter.TV covers over 30 countries worldwide in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

At Argentina Fixer, the production roles we cover are:

Production manager

Location scout / manager

Production assistant

We are affiliated with top production companies in Argentina for local talent, catering services, equipment hires and so on.


Are you looking for production support in Argentina? Drop us a line. Our fixers would be happy to help.

Production Services

Crew hiring

Our fixers will provide you with the best and most experienced local crew members in Argentina.

Content support

We provide local research & translation services necessary for content during production.

Location permits and scouting

Our film fixer in Argentina does film permits and sources locations.

Equipment rental

We will help you get quality equipment for rent in Argentina from the best equipment rental companies in the country.

Scheduling and logistics

At Argentina Fixer, we help you get the best deals on basic logistics like catering, accommodation, & transport.


No matter the budget you are working with, we help you manage it the best way possible.

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