Argentina has become a sought after destination for filming, commercials, & photoshoots. The country offers a wide range of locations and many films and television shows chose it in recent years. Filming in Argentina is therefore on the radar of many of the world’s top producers and directors.

The most notable movie filmed in Argentina is Academy Award winner “The Revenant” by Mexican film director Alejandro Inarritu.


Filming Permits

Getting film permits in Argentina depends on the type of production and if it disrupts traffic or takes place in a busy area.

Argentina Fixer can assist you in getting a film permit in Buenos Aires and other places, which usually takes 2 to 3 weeks.

These rules apply for public domain. For privately-owned places, the respective owners would issue the film permit.

Getting filming permits in Argentina from the adequate authorities takes little time in the city. However, it can get trickier in remote locations such as natural parks.

Permits for filming in Argentina are generally cheap and sometimes free in most locations in Argentina


Access for Foreign Journalists

Argentina ranks 52nd in the World Press Freedom Index, close to countries like Italy and the United States. Authorities are generally open to foreign journalists and so are the locals. Apart from the usual safety requirements when travelling abroad, there is nothing specific that international media people should be aware of when doing their job.

Foreign journalists need to check their visa requirements and sort filming permits if they are in Argentina for a news piece or current affairs assignment.

Our Argentinian production fixer is experienced in working with foreign media and can provide assistance.


Tax Incentive

Argentina does not have any tax incentives yet for foreign film production and commercials. However, there are several tax regulations that favour foreign filmmakers.

Filming companies are not charged the 21% national tax on film production nor the 17% national tax on hotel rates when filming in Argentina.


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