Argentina is a sought after destination for filming, commercials, & photoshoots. Filming locations in Argentina are certainly diverse and many directors and have chosen the country in recent years.

Argentina has generally attracted international film directors with its lower production cost and beautiful locations.

Argentina is home to many natural wonders of the world, like the snow-capped Andes and the fascinating Iguazu Falls

Here are some of the most popular filming locations in Argentina.

Iguazu Falls

The stunning and breath-taking falls lies along the Argentine-Brazil boarder, also housing The Iguazu National Park. The park is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Iguazu is made up of between 150 – 300 individual falls over a landmass of 3 kilometres with the height between 60 – 82 metres.

Filming locations in Argentina - Iguazu

Buenos Aires

The Argentinian capital is one of the largest cities in South America and also one of the most beautiful  in the world.

It attracts the most visitors in Argentina yearly and boasts of beautiful landmarks, delightful museums & art galleries located in colonial inspired buildings.

Buenos Aires includes possible filming locations like La Boca, Caminto Street Museum, The Recoleta and many more breath-taking places.

Many international movies have been filmed in Buenos Aries, and your crew can also take advantage of the beautiful locations the city has to offer.

Filming locations in Argentina - Buenos Aires

Puerto Madryn and the Valdes Peninsula

Puerto Madryn is located on the shores of Golf Nuevo on the Patagonian coast. The city’s deep-water port and abundant natural reserves make it one of the filming locations in Argentina to keep an eye on.

The highlights of this place include the Natural Science and Oceanographic Museum, located in a beautiful heritage building and the Valdes Penisula, which is also an important natural reserve listed by UNESCO.

Filming in Argentina - Puerto Madryn

Mar Del Plata

The most modern and sophisticated city in Argentina is Mar Del Plata, on the Atlantic Coast, 400 km away from Buenos Aires.

The beautiful city houses the best beaches in South America, which are at least 8 km long. In addition, the city boasts modern cruise ships, parks, squares, gardens and the excellent Juan Manuel Fangio Museum.

Filming in Argentina - Mar del Plata


Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina and is not very far from Buenos Aires.

In the city of Cordoba, you get to find many old colonial buildings, which date back as far as the 16th century, superb architecture and other landmarks.

The city has a historical part listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, such as Plaza San Martin and the Cathedral of Cordoba. Cordoba is certainly one of the filming locations in Argentina which illustrate colonial architecture and a specific Latin American backdrop.

Filming in Argentina - Cordoba

The Historic Cordoba Cathedral

Cordoba Cathedral is located in the city of Cordoba, just a five-hour drive from Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires.

The Cathedral of Cordoba is one of the most important buildings in the country as a whole. Its roots trace back to the original roman catholic church built in 1580.

It comprises of a delightful ornamental interior and mural paintings by leading South American artists.

This is a great choice of location for filming in Argentina.

Filming in Argentina - Cordoba Cathedral

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