In terms of geography, Argentina offers amazing backdrops due to its diversity. It boasts of artistic, superb & architecturally rich locations which have been influenced by other cultures.

Argentina Fixer will assist you to get the most suitable filming locations in the country for your feature film or production.

Several movies have been filmed in Argentina in the last 20 years and when it comes to picking locations for filming and film production, Argentina Fixer is your best bet.

Location Scouting

There are a lot of superb pieces of architecture, landmarks & natural backdrops in Argentina.

Having an Argentinian location manager in your team is certainly an asset. This is why our production fixer in Argentina is ready to assist in securing the most suitable filming locations.

Crew Sourcing

We will assist you in sourcing for highly skilled production staff with sufficient experience in working on international projects. Given the language and cultural barriers, it can be stressful for a foreign filmmaker to source for the best personnel and talent for his/her project in our country.

Our production fixer in Argentina has links with production companies that boast of the best directors, sound operators, photographers and makeup artists.

Equipment Hire

There are a few top equipment rental companies in Argentina providing a good range of kit. At Argentina Fixer, we can help you get local prices on the necessary filming equipment.

However, if the gear you need is not available in Argentina, you may have to apply for an import permit. Our production fixer in Argentina can connect you with an experienced customs broker who will successfully guide you through the shipping process.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

At Argentina Fixer, we are always ready to provide the best production support for foreign journalists which will cover general research, fact checking, access, logistics.

Moreover, our fixers have in-depth local knowledge to provide the needed assistance for foreign journalists.

General Production Support

We provide a one- stop-shop for TV & film crews during the production period.


Looking for a one-stop-shop for filming or doing press coverage in Argentina? Drop us a line, our team in Buenos Aires is happy to help.